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Ciboulette’s Kitchen

ciboulette's kitchen doral chamber

Ciboulette’s Kitchen invites you, your family, and all Gourmets – dinning lovers to taste and discover our exquisite European patisserie, fine cuisine and wide variety of European Truffle delicacies. Rendezvous at our Gourmet Food Shop.

Committed only to their healthiest and highest-quality premium culinary products and ingredients, it is their pleasure to introduce their expertise in French, Peruvian, Italian, Mexican, Venezuelan, Lebanese and Russian cuisine.

Their kitchen provides high quality Gourmet catering services for special events as well as ready-to-serve gourmet meals to go. They invite you to discover new adventures in gastronomy while maintaining healthy nutritional habits.

Ingrid K. Gutierrez – Chef & CEO Ciboulette’s Kitchen
T: (305) 922.98.18 / (786) 747.45.33


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