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Loigica P.A

Loigica P.A

Located conveniently in the multicultural environment of Miami and with international offices in Latin America, Loigica, P.A. is a multi-lingual law firm offering legal services to entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporations. Our experience and knowledge within specialized areas of law allows us to zealously protect our clients’ legal rights in the United States, Latin America, and other geographical locations around the globe.

Loigica, P.A. offers legal counseling in the areas of Intellectual Property, Immigration, and Business. We strive to legally protect our clients when launching into the business landscape of the United States and abroad. At Loigica, P.A., we understand that our clients originate not only from the United States, but also from various other nations. Some have established businesses that needs expansion, while others have new business ideas and aspirations that needs to be brought into fruition.

Our legal expertise in the areas of Intellectual Property, Immigration and Business enables our clients and their businesses to flourish within the United States and greatly benefit from its economy.

Camilo Espinosa
2 South Biscayne Blvd. Suite 3760
Miami FL, 33131

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