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MDW Insurance Group

MDW Insurance Group member of Doral Chamber of Commerce


Morton D. Weiner retired at age 55 after successfully heading a number of Fortune 500 companies. Following retirement, he was encouraged to return to his first love, the insurance agency business. Thus, Morton D Weiner & Co. (now MDW Insurance Group) was established in Miami in 1979. Morton Weiner’s diverse experience, combined with his expertise in customer-centric service, created an insurance agency of high integrity whose sole mission was to deliver outstanding products and services to satisfy its clients’ needs.

·       To assist customers in determining the most suitable insurance products to fit their individual needs.

·       To provide the finest quality insurance product selection and services available.

·       To review the benefits and risks of each choice appropriately.

·       To strive for complete customer understanding and satisfaction with insurance products selected.

·       To provide information and assistance to customers without obligation or fees and to bring insurance products to the public at the lowest possible cost.


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