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Atallah Business Group/BM Cargo

Atallah Business Group:BM Cargo Doral Chamber member

Who We Are

We are a worldwide freight company ; with the capacity to handle your cargo from origin to final destination.

No matter where you are or your cargo is located, what you want to bring or send, with BMCargo it’s possible, because we have sales offices worldwide and subsidiaries in the Dominican Republic, Miami, Panama, Mexico, Colombia y Costa Rica.

We offer you a wide range of services, the best market rates and a highly trained staff that will give you the perfect solution for transportation of your packages.

We are not one more transportation company in your provider’s list, we want to be strategic partner in transporting your goods.


Our Mission
Providing freight services of the highest quality, committing to provide worldwide coverage, exceeding the expectations of our customers in terms of delivery time, being the ideal link to perform their transactions.

Be the freight company to greater success and recognition in the world.

• Teamwork
• Responsibility
• Excellence in our Services
• Honesty
• WInnovation
• Loyalty


Atallah Business Group/BM Cargo
Roxanna Marchena