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Doral Chamber of Commerce Proudly Welcomes PRMG – Mortgage Lounge Team as a Trustee Member.

Doral Chamber of Commerce Proudly Welcomes PRMG - Mortgage Lounge Team as a Trustee Member for 2024-2025.

The Doral Chamber of Commerce in partnership with businesses such as Daniella Bustamante Paramount Residential Mortgage Group will continue to work together to build a healthy economy and continue to improve the quality of life in our beautiful City of Doral.

“On behalf of everyone at the Doral Chamber of Commerce, we extend our warmest welcome to Daniella Bustamante Paramount Residential Mortgage Group “ says Manny Sarmiento, President & CEO of the Doral Chamber of Commerce.

About Mortgage Lounge:

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With our expert advice and mortgage solutions, we empower families to secure the home they’ve always wanted.

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At Mortgage Lounge, we separate ourselves from others by offering exceptional customer service and a broad selection of home financing options.

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For over two decades, Paramount Residential Mortgage Group Inc. (PRMG) continues to be a Top 15 Leading Lender in the mortgage industry. As a privately held mortgage company and residential home lender, PRMG has successfully helped many borrowers purchase and refinance their homes throughout the United States.

PRMG has fostered an aligned company culture “earned over time”. We have a saying here; the inside drives the outside. Therefore, it is imperative that our ops and sales teams are aligned. Our goal is to provide customers with a ‘Path to Pivot’ to more consumer facing activities and modern lending technology. This includes innovative products and industry-leading customer service levels.

When we first opened our doors, we had a staff of 3 individuals dedicated and committed to helping us grow the company. Today, PRMG employs nearly 2000 employees and has over 250 branches throughout the United States.

PRMG is licensed in 49 states in addition to Washington DC and by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) with branches and operation centers strategically located across the country! We deliver a wide range of Jumbo, FHA, VA, USDA, and conventional loan products, along with providing cutting-edge technology and industry-leading customer service. PRMG is an agency-approved direct issuer to Ginnie Mae, as well as a licensed seller/servicer of Fannie Mae.

Additionally, PRMG gives back to the community through their 501(C)3 non-profit foundation, PRMG Cares. PRMG Cares has donated time and money to local and nationwide charities. To learn more, please visit:


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About the Doral Chamber of Commerce:

The Doral Chamber of Commerce is a 501 (c)(6) non-profit, community professional service organization, founded in January 2008 by Manny Sarmiento and Carmen Lopez.  The Chamber’s focus since its founding has always been to educate its members with seminars, workshops, networking and other educational events becoming “Your Marketing Right Hand”.

The Doral Chamber of Commerce was created to meet the needs of a thriving business community of small to medium sized companies in Doral and surrounding areas that needed assistance and support in growing their business.  After examining our member’s needs and the current economic environment, we have found that the new “e-World”, Internet communities, online social relationships and education via the web are the “new” and best ways to market your business.  We provide our members and the business community in general, with networking and educational opportunities in traditional learning and online environments that together enhance the operational, marketing, and business development skills needed for success in today’s business world. For more information on the Doral Chamber of Commerce visit:


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