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How to Get More Positive Google Reviews for Your Business?

How to Get More Positive Google Reviews for Your Business?

Here are some effective ways you can get Google reviews for your company and build up your brand’s online presence. The best way to get Google reviews is to simply ask for them! Here are some other tried and true methods to get more Google reviews.

Use Email

Email is one of the most effective ways to get reviews on Google Business Profile. Using email to ask for reviews should help you save time and money. 

If you’re sending a message to customers, be sure to add a link to your Google business listing so that it will only take them a few clicks to share their experience.

To get your Google review link simply search your business on Google. Scroll to the “Your business on Google” section and scroll right until you reach the “Get More Reviews” section.

Send SMS Campaigns

You can also send SMS requests (text messages). SMS open rates are significantly higher than email and can drive better engagement and more reviews.  Use a service like textmagic.com to create regular SMS campaigns at a reasonable cost.

Create a Google Reviews Link

Creating a unique Google reviews link and sharing it with your customers encourages them to review your business on Google. 

Make Your Customers Happy and Ask for a Google Review

The easiest, most effective, and most fundamental way to get reviews with 5-star ratings is to consistently deliver excellent levels of service and create “wow” moments with customers.

If, on the other hand, you have customers who are not satisfied or happy with their experience then make a point to reach out to them and identify and address issues. Answer All Reviews Positive or Negative and fix any issues that may be affecting your business negatively.

Share Google Reviews on Your Website?

Showcasing your best and highest-rated reviews on your website is a great way to provide social proof, boost consumer confidence, and encourage user interaction. Reviews also often serve as the final push people need to convert from being visitors to being customers. 

Google reviews play an important role in how today’s consumers discover and judge businesses. They can also shape a brand’s online reputation, as well as reveal valuable insights into a company’s operations, showing areas where an organization can improve customer service and experience.

By tracking, responding to, and generating reviews on Google — and by applying best practices in reputation management — you can improve your brand’s search visibility, outperform competitors, and acquire more customers. 

Manny Sarmiento – Marketing Magic