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Legacy Trust Counsel Join Our Webinar On How to Protect Your Legacy

What is “Estate Planning”? Great question!
Family Wealth Planning Lawyer, Elena Ortega-Tauler, will be walking us through what happens if we become incapacitated or pass away with or without a will and what plan is already in place for you, because whether you like it or not, the state of Florida ALREADY has a plan for you. It is called the Florida laws of intestacy.
If you don’t like the state’s plan for your loved ones, there’s good news – alternatives exist. That’s where this live webinar comes in! Elena will be explaining what ALL your options are and how you can have control over what happens to your assets, how your loved ones receive their inheritance, and whether or not you want to keep your family from having to go through the lengthy (and costly) probate court process. In addition, she will cover how you can qualify and protect your assets from Medicaid, if the need arises.
Commonly answered questions include:
What’s the difference between a Will and a Trust?
How to avoid probate court completely?
What happens to my minor children if I don’t make it home tonight?
Do I have control over how my loved ones receive their inheritance?
What if I’m a small business owner and I’m looking to protect my life-long legacy?
What happens to my assets if I need to qualify for Medicaid, nursing home or long-term care?
Every attendee will receive $250 OFF a Family Wealth Plan, should you decide now is the time to set up your planning. Attendees will also have the option to book a private 2-hour consultation with Elena ($750 value) FREE of charge!
One final thought: Remember that estate planning isn’t for YOU, it’s for your LOVED ONES. Legacy Trust Counsel is here to help you wherever you are on your journey.
Where? Live Online via Zoom
When? October 12, 2022 at 4:00 PM EST
Cost? FREE!
How Do I Register? Click Here: http://www.LegacyLawLive.com