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Legacy Trust Counsel Law Firm Stress-Free Summer Estate Planning Webinar

Legacy Trust Counsel Law Firm Stress-Free Summer Estate Planning Webinar

“It’s a fact of life, we can’t control when an illness, accident, disability or death will occur.

Nor can we predict when we might face a crisis during our lives such as a divorce, lawsuit, bankruptcy, the need for nursing home care, or having a child who is diagnosed with special needs. Are we ever ready for the unexpected?

What we can do, however, is learn how to use simple legal strategies (like creating a will or trust) to help make our wishes known, keep peace in the family, safeguard our hard-earned nest-eggs and ensure that life is as easy as possible for our loved ones, no matter what happens! We make it easy and stress free.

If you don’t currently have a plan in place to protect your family and assets… or if it’s been at least three years since you’ve last looked at your old estate plan…

…we are holding a FREE online webinar on Thursday, July 18th, 2024 at 06:00 pm that will help you start the process of having the peace of mind that everything and everyone is taken care of, or learn how to bring your older plan up to date.

Here are the details:

First you must register at Click here to RSVP

The zoom login information will be sent to you once you register.

WHEN: Thursday, July 18, 2024 at 06:00 PM


In less than 60 minutes, virtual webinar attendees will learn:

  • Whether you need a Will or Trust? Discover the advantages and disadvantages of both.
  • How to keep your affairs private and your loved ones out of court if you become disabled and can’t speak for yourself. (Hint: Not all Powers of Attorney are valid!)
  • All about probate and what steps you can take now to help your family avoid this expensive and time-consuming legal process when you’re gone.
  • Whether you will owe estate taxes. Learn how to help your heirs minimize or even avoid expenses, fees or “death” taxes after your passing.
  • How to create a long-term care plan before it’s needed so that you are able to stay as independent as possible and in complete control of your decisions as you age.
  • Why owning assets jointly or putting property in a child’s name is likely a huge mistake—and what to do instead to accomplish your goals in a secure way.
  • Easy strategies to protect your children’s inheritance from being seized if they get divorced, sued or file bankruptcy in the future.
  • How to preserve your estate for your children should you pass away and your surviving spouse gets remarried (without a plan, your family’s inheritance will legally go to the new husband or wife!).

Every attendee will receive $250 OFF a Family Wealth Plan, should you decide now is the time to set up your planning appointment. Attendees will also have the option to book an exploratory 15 minute phone call or a private up to 2-hour consultation with Elena ($750 value) FREE of charge!

One final thought: Remember that estate planning isn’t for YOU, it’s for your LOVED ONES! 

Legacy Trust Counsel is here to help you wherever you are on your journey.

Where? Live Online via Zoom

When? Thursday, July 18, 2024 at 06:00 PM EST

Cost? FREE!

How Do I Register?  Click here to RSVP

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