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Sloan’s Ice Cream

sloans-doral chamber of commerce member

Welcome to the magic of Sloan’s…where fantasy becomes reality!  It all started with our first location in West Palm Beach, Florida in 1999. Our goal was to create an ice cream utopia for the young and young at heart.
Sloan’s ice cream is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before!  We have lots and lots of unique flavors that are all made with the finest ingredients.  Our award winning luxury ice cream truly is the BEST, if we do say so ourselves, and keeps our loyal fans coming back for more!
The heavenly aromas of freshly baked waffle cones, cookies and brownies are irresistible.  An entire wall of bulk candy, fabulous chocolates, chocolate apples, whimsical gifts and fluffy friends surround you.  Like everything at Sloan’s, the décor is over the top with pink walls, twinkling chandeliers, moving trains and magical glass bathrooms.  We look forward to seeing you at Sloan’s… where everything is “Made in Wonderland”!

Sloan’s Ice Cream
David Olmo