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Inquesta Corporation presents buisness continuity plan.

Pandemics … natural disasters … active shooters … so many more! Which crisis will you need to cope with next? NOW is the time to make sure your threats are controlled. We can create your BUSINESS CONTINUITY PLAN so you avoid the worst and navigate successfully through crises. Call 305-779-3069 ext. 101 or write to info@inquesta.com. […]

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Inquesta Corporation HOLIDAY2022 Promo code.

Inquesta Corporation Get your $100 credit offer from InquestaKYC Solutions this Holiday seasons Is your workforce ready for the coming Holidays? You need to “Know Your Crew” (KYC), and KYC Solutions is your screening partner. Click https://kycsolutions.com/kyc-open-account/kyc-full-service-form/ to receive our Holiday gift to you: $100 credit for your screening needs with the HOLIDAY2022 coupon code. Or contact us […]

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Inquesta Corporation

From risk, vulnerability, and threat assessments to reviewing policies, procedures, personnel, and equipment, training the principals or security personnel of your organization, or providing tactical services, Inquesta will work with you to develop and implement a comprehensive security program and supporting systems. Inquesta’s Strategic Security Division consists of former federal and local law enforcement personnel […]

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