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Well Groomed Gentleman

Well Groomed Gentleman doral chamber member

Established in 2014, the Well Groomed Gentleman is an all-in-one barbershop and spa lounge, the realization of the vision of its owner and President, Al Maulini. Al knows the value of personal presentation excellence and for years has been a consumer of expert professional barbershop, spas and personal grooming services. He noted that in most of the world’s sophisticated cities, a gentleman could address his personal grooming needs at one barbershop and spa lounge, where, from haircut to hot-lather, straight-razor shave, to hand and foot care, as well as spa services such as massage and skin care, are available from expert, licensed professionals.

The belief that most other high-performing men in Greater Miami shared his sense for the importance of always looking and feeling the best, and the absence of such an establishment in our area, gave birth to the Well Groomed Gentleman Barbershop and Spa.

As you step in to our exquisitely decorated barbershop and spa lounge, you will feel right at home as you are offered a complimentary drink while you sit back and relax waiting for your service to start. Then, our expert staff will work with you to craft the perfect hair cut or shave, or soothe your sore muscles and help your relax and unwind. Once you become a well groomed gentleman, you will never want to visit any other barbershop and spa lounge in the world.


Well Groomed Gentleman
Ricardo Alberty