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10 Cost-Effective Ways to Market Your Business!

Digital Marketing concept image with business icons and copyspace.

Digital Marketing concept image with business icons and copyspace.

10 Cost-Effective Ways to Market Your Business

For Attorneys, Retailers and Other Professionals!


Promoting a business is no easy task. Whether you man a start-up or work for an established business, running an effective marketing strategy is an ongoing challenge. If you are having trouble, try these insider tips that have worked for businesses in the past!

  1. Under promise and over deliver. The best way to impress your customer is to provide beyond your initial promising capabilities!
  2. Send thank you letters to people that you meet. You would be surprised how much of a positive impression a simple written letter has.
  3. Teach a seminar class or give a lecture at a local college or university. Not only is that a great opportunity to meet highly-skilled potential future employees, but it increases your professional visibility and credibility.
  4. Join your local Chamber of Commerce, it is a great way to network and build your professional standing.
  5. Attend community events and network, network, network!
  6. Take a professional headshot and update your professional presence to reflect your commitment to your professional persona!
  7. When meeting someone, always hand out two business cards only after you asked for them, one for them to keep, and one for them to hand out to other professionals.
  8. Create a website that optimizes your search engine results. Don’t get lost on the second page of search engines, maximize your online marketing results by understanding SEO!
  9. Update your social media and website constantly, don’t let your marketing messages become irrelevant.
  10. Add a signature block to your outgoing e-mail that includes your name, firm name (or simply attorney at law) city, state and phone number.

For more of these easy, cost-effective tips, join us the “New Business Start-up Orientation Series!” Workshops are offered free of charge through a partnership between the Doral Chamber of Commerce, the City of Doral and local area businesses, on the first Thursday of the month, from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Workshops are to be held at the Doral Government Center (3rd Floor Training Room), 8401 NW 53rd Terrace 33166.

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