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City of Doral Hurricane Preparedness, Disaster Guides and Downloads

Doral, FL – June 1st marks the beginning of hurricane season and the City of Doral reminds its residents and businesses that the time to prepare is now!  The City of Doral is part of the storm surge area and the City wants to make sure the community is prepared for the upcoming hurricane season.Take a moment to review your family and business’s plan and hurricane supplies.
With public safety as the City of Doral’s utmost priority, all City departments continues to work diligently to provide the support you need to keep you, your family and your business safe during a state of emergency.

STAY INFORMED! The City of Doral has the goal of keeping the residents and stakeholders informed.  City staff uses various platforms to keep the public notified of hurricane emergency alerts.

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► City residents and business owners may sign up to receive CodeRed Automated Weather Alerts.  These alerts are pushed out to registered participants automatically, when the National Weather Service declares inclement weather areas near registered address. Residents and business owners may signup via our website to receive these notifications.  Just click on this Link to sign up

► iPhone users may download the City of Doral mobile App.  This will allow any City of Doral app user to receive push notifications by City of Doral Administration staff.

► Follow us via Twitter and Facebook. The City of Doral uses these social media outlets to keep residents and business owners informed of any emergencies.

72 Hours Emergency Preparedness Image Preparing for potential emergencies starts at the individual level. And, while your State, County and City will be responding to basic community needs in the aftermath of an emergency, available resources and the time when those resources will become available will vary depending on the severity of the emergency. The first 72 hours after an emergency is the most critical period. Basic infrastructure, communications and transportation systems may be challenged, inoperable or inaccessible and the steady flow of supplies such as gas, ice, water, medicine and food may not be readily available.

Download ►   72 Hour Help Us Help You – English Handout

Download ►   72 Hour Help Us Help You – Spanish Handout


Exclamation Point ImageDownload City of Doral’s Disaster Guide and City of Doral’s Emergency Locations Map  

disaster guide coverSm disaster guide business coverSm hurricane map
Disaster Guide Business Disaster Guide Hurricane Emergency
Locations Map

Pre-Storm Activities for Residents and Businesses

►  Be sure to bring all front yard and backyard decorations, items, and accessories indoors to avoid the possibility of flying projectiles.

►  Ensure that hurricane shutters are in good working order and are being maintained regularly. If your home has hurricane panels, make sure all required hardware and materials are easily available and accessible.

►  Flooding can be a major concern during a storm, so ensure that all private storm drains are serviced and cleaned out to assist in alleviating standing water in roads and parking lots. Sand Bags will be made available for Doral residents at Doral Central Park, 72 hours prior to storm (3000 NW 87th Ave).

►  Trim your trees weeks, even a couple of months, before the start of hurricane season to avoid having dead branches and pruned landscaping from becoming dangerous objects during a windstorm. Proper disposal of these items are critical to avoid property damage in a storm.

►  For business owners in the City, all outdoor seating and tables, along with loose signs, should be brought indoors. All heavier outside storage materials should be properly secured, as well. City Inspectors will be scoping the city for construction sites and handling out flyers informing to secure loose construction materials.

►  City Building Department will be available to assist customers with any hurricane permitting and inspection inquiries. For flood information visit our website: Flood Information.

►  Ronald Reagan- Doral Senior High School has been designated as a hurricane shelter and is located at 8600 NW 107th Avenue in Doral.


Post-Storm Activities for Residents and Businesses

►  In the event that your property is damaged during a storm, be aware of unlicensed contractors. Make sure to verify that all potential contractors working on your home are properly licensed, insured, and qualified by the State of Florida, and that all appropriate building permits are obtained.

►  The City of Doral has contractors on standby ready to assist with clean-up and debris removal on City public roads. This will allow first responders to have unimpeded access in case of emergencies. In a continued effort to protect residents and business owners, the Code Compliance Department will be aggressively investigating all reports of illegal contracting work performed in the City.

If you have yet to develop a plan utilize the Emergency Preparedness Guide found in the City of Doral’s website –, under the RESIDENTS tab. For more information on the 2014 hurricane season, storm surge zones, evacuation centers, cleaning before the storm and other hurricane tips please refer to Miami Dade County Office of Emergency Management by clicking here:

Download ►  Hurricane Tips – Spanish


Additional Resources:






Flood preparation:

► Fema Flood Preparation
Hurricane preparation:

► Fema Hurricane Preparation

En Español:

► Fema Preparación Inundaciones

► Fema Preparación de Huracanes


Weather Rumor Control Hotlines:
Miami-Dade Answer Center/Rumor Control Hotline: (305) 468-5900; TTY: (305) 468-5402
Haitian Support, Inc: (800) 443-2951 (provides general human services assistance, community information and disaster information in Creole)
State of Florida Emergency Information Line (800) 342-3557; TTY: (800) 226 4329
Additional Contacts:
Doral Hurricane Hotline
(after watch is issued) 305-470-6847
Doral City Hall 305-593-6725
Doral Police Department 305-593-6699
Doral City Manager 305-593-6690
Answer Center (Rumor Control) 305-468-5900
Cooperative Extension 305-248-3311
Humane Society of Miami 305-696-0800
Hurricane Hotline 305-468-5900
Miami-Dade Animal Services 305-884-1101
Miami-Dade Emergency Management 305-468-5400
Special Transportation Services (STS) 305-263-5406
Florida Department of Insurance 800-342-2782*
FL Division of Emergency Management 850-413-9900
FL Fish & Wildlife Commission 561-625-5122
Florida Relay Service 800-955-8770*
South FL Water Management District 800-544-2323*
US GOVERNMENT FEMA  800-621-3362*
National Flood Insurance Program 800-638-6620*
Bellsouth 888-757-6500*
Bellsouth (on cell phones) 611
Comcast 800-266-2278*
FPL 1-800-OUTAGE 800-468-8243*
FPL (General Information) 305-442-8770
National Hurricane Center
Peoples Gas/TECO 877-832-6747*
Salvation Army 305-637-6700
The Weather Channel

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