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Divorce in Kindness, Inc. and The Law Offices of Lizette Reboredo

Divorce in Kindness, Inc. and The Law Offices of Lizette Reboredo doral chamber

Lizette Reboredo is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator and the founder of Divorce in Kindness.

She is also an attorney licensed to practice law in Florida and her law practice at The Law Offices of Lizette Reboredo, PA, is dedicated to Collaborative Family Law and non-adversarial approaches to resolving family disputes.

During over 26 years as an attorney and her involvement in many litigated divorces, paternity actions and other family law matters, Lizette consistently saw her clients go through an emotionally draining, conflictive, devastating and expensive process.  Many times the courtroom drama continued even after the divorce was concluded.  She grew to believe that even if a marriage could not be saved, it should not have to end in financial and emotional destruction.   It was this realization that caused her to focus on Mediation as an advantageous alternative to expensive, conflict driven and prolonged litigation.  Consequently, she attained Florida Supreme Court Certification as a Family Mediator and founded Divorce in Kindness.

Lizette is a uniquely qualified mediator and collaborative family attorney whose training, education, and experience allow her to effectively communicate with all parties involved in her mediation sessions.  Before becoming an attorney, and because she has always been fascinated with the study of the human mind and behavior, Lizette received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from The University of Miami.  She brings to the mediation table over 26 years of experience in the law which have given her the knowledge and competence to grasp complex legal and family issues.  This experience coupled with her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, as well as her personal experiences, give her a well-rounded background for her present practice as a family mediator.

In addition to her legal acumen, Lizette is an attentive listener with strong processing and interpersonal skills. She is compassionate and insightful and has a keen ability to instill calm and bring parties together to reach satisfactory resolution on even the most contentious cases.

 At Divorce in Kindness our team strongly believes that divorce mediation is the future of divorce and a better alternative to the traditional courtroom litigated divorce.  We appreciate the substantial benefits that can be achieved when a divorcing couple works cooperatively rather than against each other.

We acknowledge the difficultly of divorce. We are here to guide you through divorce mediation and support you through this legal, financial, and emotional transition in your lives.

Divorce in Kindness, Inc. and The Law Offices of Lizette Reboredo
Lizette Reboredo