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Kertiles doral chamber member

Kertiles has been a leading brand name in the interior decoration industry for over 40 years. The company was founded in Castellon, Spain, one of the largest production and design centers for ceramic tile in the world. The founder, Mr. Juan Marcos Jimenez, has been a pioneer in the industry. After having traveled throughout Europe and America he envisioned a world where ceramic tile, a decoration material traditionally used in his natal Mediterranean architecture,  would be used in every modern house. Following this ideal and with limited resources, he set up Kermar SA, an export office dedicated to the promotion and sales of the locally manufactured ceramic tiles to other parts of the world. After many years of personal sacrifice and innumerable travels, sales started to grow and so did the local office and brand name. Today he is valued as a precursor of the billion dollar ceramic tile export industry.


Martha Pena

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