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Legacy Trust Counsel Law Firm How to Qualify For Medicaid Nursing Home Care Without Losing EVERYTHING!

“Not Knowing Can Hurt You!
We can’t control when an illness, accident, disability or death will occur.
We can’t predict when we might face a crisis during our lives such as an accident, stroke, illness, or surgery, dementia or Alzheimer’s diagnosis, resulting in the need for Nursing Home Care.
And the journey often starts when something bad happens, like when Mom falls and breaks a hip. Medicare may pay for a few days – then Mom’s family starts paying and sometimes doesn’t stop PAYING UNTIL ALL YOUR MONEY IS GONE!
Why Does This Happen?  
  1. Misinformation. They read something on the internet or received “advice” from a friend, who told them that there is no way their parents would qualify for Medicaid so they didn’t even try.
  2. Not aware that help was available. Many people don’t know that legal strategies and programs are in place to help preserve their family’s hard earned assets. The catch is that the planning process has to start before all of the money’s gone!
  3. pouses willing to spend it all. Most spouses dearly love their declining spouse and are willing to spend everything even if it leaves them destitute. There are laws in place to prevent spousal impoverishment. 
Don’t let this happen to you!  Learn legal strategies like creating an asset protection trust, safeguarding our hard-earned money and ensuring that life is as easy as possible for you and your loved ones, no matter what happens. 
…we are holding a FREE online Workshop on November 30, 2023 at 6:00 pm that will help you learn how to Qualify for Medicaid Nursing Home Care without losing EVERYTHING you have. Here are the details: 
First you must register at www.legacylawlive.com. The zoom login information will be sent to you once you register. 
WHEN: Thursday, November 30 , 2023 at 6:00 PM 
Attendees will also have the option to book a private up to 2-hour consultation with Elena ($750 value) FREE of charge!
One final thought: Remember that estate planning isn’t JUST for YOU, it’s for your LOVED ONES! Legacy Trust Counsel is here to help you wherever you are on your journey.