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MagicWaste Management

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MagicWaste Management is a full-service solid waste & recycling management company.  Our commitment is to represent the best interest of our customers. We are experts in the field of solid waste & recycling. We use a powerful combination of experience and skill to ensure that our customers are receiving the very best service available and the latest technology at the lowest possible cost.  In order to best serve our customers we utilize a three step procedure.

Step 1: Waste Audit
We begin our process by providing our customers with a complete waste audit at all of their service locations.  Waste audits are necessary because they reveal inadequate service levels, excessive cost and billing errors.  At the waste audit we also review all of our customers’ service agreements to make sure that you are receiving the specified service for the specified price with – no hidden fees!

Step 2: Tailored Program
MagicWaste will design a custom tailored solution to your solid waste needs that may include changing waste haulers, use of new technology, adjusting service levels or increased recycling.

Step 3: Contracting & Management
MagicWaste Management can now match your custom solution with the best waste hauler available for each service location, implementing changes in equipment and/or service levels, while ensuring you the best possible price.  MagicWaste will then contract with the preferred waste hauler, managing the account directly with them so you don’t have to! As an independent waste manager and having no obligation to any particular hauler, MagicWaste Management is free to pick and choose the best waste hauler to suite your needs. This gives us a competitive advantage to make sure that your highest expectations are met.


  • Scheduled Waste & Recycling Service – (1 to 8 Cubic Yards)
  • On Call Waste & Recycling Service
  • Industrial Size Compactors
  • Commercial Compactors
  • Balers
  • Roll Off Containers – (10 to 40 cubic yard)
  • Mini Roll Off Containers – (8 to 16 cubic yard)
  • Scheduled Junk & Trash Hauling Services
  • On call Junk & Trash Hauling Services
  • On-Site Clean Outs
  • Bobcat Services
  • Clam Shell Trash Hauling Services
  • Office File Destruction & Incinerations
  • Certificate of Destruction

MagicWaste Management

Christine Bustamante