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Outrageous Promotions

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Hi there, please give me a quick minute of your time to introduce myself, Robert Vico and my business partner and co-author Cristina Arce. We are entrepreneurs, authors, speakers and self diagnosed “Marketing Junkies”

Since the age of 24 I’ve been an entrepreneur making it on my own and let me tell you it ain’t easy!

I’ve been successful due to the sheer will and determination to make it on my own. I have been making it on my own as a small business owner for over two decades.

And after that many years in business I can confidently say that…

“I hate selling….but I LOVE marketing!”

Nothing should come before marketing your business.

MARKETING ALWAYS COMES FIRST, Selling always comes second.

Forget the old saying “Nothing happens until you sell something”

I’m here to tell you “Nothing sells until you market something”

Marketing is easy, selling is hard.

Because… people LOVE to buy but they HATE to be sold.

It took me a few years to figure out that marketing is about attracting prospects to your business that are ready to buy as opposed to chasing after prospects to sell them.

As a business owner I know that right now you’re thinking one of two things…

  1. You’re thinking to yourself…“Oh my I hate marketing”
  2. You’re saying to yourself…“I don’t have time for marketing. Let alone the time to come up with the next great marketing idea.

I understand that like most you’re always busy. Having to stay on top of everything and everyone gets time consuming. Who has the time or energy to even think about marketing and promotions?

But you gotta admit it’s been way too long and without cutting into family time, working weekends or hiring an expensive marketing guru or an overpriced Ad agency it’s going to be even longer before the next great marketing idea comes along.

Let’s face it, you have way too much on your plate already and the last thing you need is another one of those high priced “marketing gurus” who can’t seem to run a profitable business themselves telling you how to improve your business.

I’m not here to tell you how to run your business nor am I one of those high priced “marketing gurus”.

I simply want to show you how some small, mid sized and even large businesses have come across the tools to transform their marketing into finely tuned, highly effective revenue generating, money making marketing machines.

They’ve done this using our Outrageous Promotions concept.

Outrageous Promotions

Robert Vico