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PereGonza Law Group a Doral chamber Trustee

Yes, we mean it! Our legal team is focused on going above and beyond because we care about every single client and every case. When you put your trust in PereGonza The Attorneys, you are entrusting a group of legal professionals with a passion for representing real people like you. A group of lawyers that take pride in fighting for your rights and that will not back down from going head to head with big insurance companies or employers to obtain justice.

We specialize in the areas of Labor and Employment, Personal Injury and Property Insurance because we have found that helping our community obtain justice in their health, home, and work is a reward within itself. We want to treat you to more than a service, we are your team of problem solvers, your backup and reinforcement for any problem or situation that comes your way. We want PereGonza The Attorneys to be an exceptional experience for you and our past client reviews speak for themselves.

1414 NW 107th Ave