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Quick Logistic US a Doral chamber Trustee

Quick Logistic US is a technology company that provides End-to-End logistics services for your business or ecommerce.

Quick Solves the problem that face the companies to transport and deliver their products to customers and consumers, and we do this with technology and a network of Thousands of Quickers, which with their smartphone and their vehicle: (Motorcycle, Van, Truck, Tractor or any way of transport) decide to connect to generate value in each delivery and thus obtain a stable source of resources for themselves and their families.

Our purpose is to disrupt the future of logistics, making your customer happier with each delivery. Call us if you need any of our logistics solutions: GLOBAL – Freight Forwarding: We specialize in shipping your merchandise to or from anywhere in the world.

CARGO – Long Haul Transportation: We move your merchandise from ports or cities using trailer trucks over long distances.

WAREHOUSING – Healthcare and Dark Store: We store your merchandise in suitable conditions for distribution purposes.

DISTRIBUTION – First Mile Logistics: We transport your products from distribution centers to many of your sales channels. EXPRESS AND GO – Last Mile Delivery: We deliver your shipments, e-Commerce sales or documents directly to your consumers.

TECHNOLOGY – SmartQuick: We give you a platform for optimization, routing, monitoring and control of your vehicles or logistic operations.

8005 NW 80th Street Suite #1 Miami FL, 33166