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Social Media Guidelines: What you should know!

Social Media Guidelines: What you should know!

Social Media Guidelines: What you should know!

1. Lead with objectives: Let’s start with your three marketing objectives, then evaluate how social media may help you achieve them.

2. Build your authority: Concentrate on growing your audiences and engagement on LinkedIn can help you boost your sales and conversion rates.

3. Start a conversation: Facebook announced that they’re going to be changing their algorithm. This change will make it more difficult for business owners. They’ll now favor content from friends over companies and other pages. When it come to social media, the key is to ask questions and respond to the answers.

4. Show appreciation: Social Media is an opportunity for you to connect, in a meaningful way, with the people who have helped you and supported you in business. It isn’t about how many awards and prizes you have recieved.

5. Stand out: You need to convey your persona. Get above the noise. Be different. Social media is personal. It’s your personal brand first, and your job or business second.

6. Have a clear goal: As a small business owner, you should measure the ad spend vs. sales or leads generated to determine if it’s worth it or not. Spend your investment wisely.

7. Dominate on one platform: Find out where your target audience (customers) spends time online. Then pick one social platform and dominate on that one.

8. Create a calendar: Create a strategy. You can determine which activities to automate and which to assign to your employee or contractor.

9. Be visual: Make sure to add photos and videos to your social content becasue the attention spans of your audience/customers are short.

10. Don’t try to do it yourself: As a business owner, your time is limited. It is recommended for you to delegate social media work to a team memeber, or engage an outside expert.

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