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Sunshine Electronics Recyling


Sunshine Electronics Recycling (S.E.R.) is a team of experts dedicated to the electronic recycling for both residential and commercial customers. In addition, we also are involved with Fundraising events for clubs/schools/charity organizations, in this way we are able to carry out electronic drives that benefit everyone involved*.

S.E.R. is fully equipped with a staff trained to protect our customer’s interests and make certain that no information leaves our facility, as well as adhering to any and all E.P.A. guidelines that are in effect now or that may arise in the future. We believe that recycling plays a very important role in the big picture of the environmental prosperity. It avoids certain chemicals to be released back into the environment, and promotes a sense of responsibility, to take care of the only home that we truly have.

Here at S.E.R., we are glad to be involved in a business that supports the cause to better our environment, and we hope to continue to expand our sources to help Earth become a healthier planet.

Sunshine Electronics Recyling
Franklin Ygarza
1015 E 23 Street
Hialeah, FL 33013
(305) 720-9250