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2023 is fast approaching, and we all need to improve our marketing strategies in one way or another. Here is a few checklists to help you get ready for the new year: 1. Websites are never complete: Making sure you the latest updates, such as your content, images, videos, photos, funnel, and SEO….the list can […]

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month! image

Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Woman isn’t the only one who needs to check their breast. Believe it or not, but men has to check your breast as well. Here are few tips to help:  Use the pads of your fingers. Use the pads, not the very tips, of your three middle fingers for the exam. …  Use different pressure […]

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Guru Design Media Solutions

Welcome to Guru Design Media Solutions, your solutions for the modern business. Formally known as Nebcreations, LLC, we have decided to redesign our business to provide our clients the strive they need to be successful. From registering your business domain to digital marketing, we got you covered. ‘Looking forward in working with you soon. We […]

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