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Wine & Wills Event December 27th Legacy Trust Council

Don’t put it off until 2023! Keep your loved ones out of court and out of conflict by getting a current Will or Trust in place.

(The people you love are worth the time it will take for you to do it right.)

Join Doral estate planning attorney Elena Ortega Tauler after the holiday 🎄 to learn how updating or creating your legal planning can be the greatest 🎁 gift to give this year!

Free Educational Event, Covering:
❄️ Why you need an estate plan that works (and how it may be even more important for aging families).
❄️The 3 things your estate plan must include to keep your money out of the hands of the government (and almost certainly doesn’t right now, even if you’ve worked with a lawyer).
❄️How often your estate plan needs to be reviewed and updated to ensure they work and don’t become a pile of expensive, and useless, paper in your desk drawer or bookshelf.
❄️What estate planning should cost and who pays the cost of a “too cheap” plan.

❄️How to leverage your assets in the future
Attendees will receive a bottle of wine and qualify for $1000 in complimentary legal services, including a private Planning Session with Elena!


Limited space available!
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