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Law Offices of Carl Palomino, P.A.

Law Offices of Carl Palomino, P.A. doral chamber member

We are a trial and litigation firm and will handle your case from start to finish!

We handle all accident cases. We are involved in all kinds of accident and/or negligence cases. (ex. automobile accidents, trip-and-falls, slip-and-falls, wrongful death, lack of security, premises liability,
defective products, assaults, etc.).

We also handle general civil litigation cases. Our many years of legal experience allow us to represent clients in various civil litigation cases involving such matters as breach of contracts, employment disputes, non-compete agreements, landlord disputes, intentional torts such as: fraud, defamation, invasion of privacy; to name some examples.

Additionally, we practice criminal defense matters. Our vast legal experience in this field has led us to represent criminal defendants in all sorts of crimes – from the most serious of crimes (ex. murder, robbery, kidnapping, sexual battery, drug trafficking, etc.), misdemeanors and also traffic offenses (ex. DUI’s; while driving while license suspended, etc.).

Carl Palomino, P.A. Attorneys at Law provides immigration law representation and counsel to a varied spectrum of clientele, including individuals, families and businesses. Our guiding principal is that each step in the immigration process is crucial. With this in mind, we approach every case with creativity, sensitivity and diligence – the three essential qualities an immigration lawyer should possess.

We will handle your case from start-to- finish. And though many cases can be resolved without the need
for litigation (i.e. court involvement), we can represent you through the entire court process all the way
to jury trial, if need be. We even stand ready to appeal your case, should the results be unfavorable, unjust or unreasonable.

We are a trial and litigation firm. We will take on any opponent on your behalf, from your next-door neighbor, to a government entity or a corporate giant. No case is too small, difficult or insignificant. Our representation is statewide. Our bilingual staff is courteous and customer service oriented. We are accessible 24/7 to meet with you at your home, office, bedside, or a location that is convenient for you; the client. We offer “free initial consultations” on most matters. Let our many years of experience be the winning edge for you and your case!


Law Offices of Carl Palomino, P.A.

Carl Palomino