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SMG Consulting Services – The Saint Michael Group

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Your One-Stop Risk Management and Government Affairs Solution

Opening, expanding or relocating your business into a foreign country can create unprecedented access to new markets and offer the promise of incredible growth potential. Unfortunately, foreign countries can also come with a variety of unfamiliar risks. That’s where SMG Consulting Services comes in. Our team of experts delivers years of experience working with businesses like yours that are making the transition into a new territory. We know the process, regulations and rules, which means that we can help ensure your business builds a solid foundation, free of risk and potential threats, for commercial expansion into Latin America.

For more than eight years, our team of experts has provided businesses like yours with proactive services to protect your assets, secure your position, and maintain your business after a successful launch in Mexico or Latin American countries. Working with unfamiliar government rules, laws and regulations – not to mention different social and cultural standards in these foreign countries – can create a field of potential hazards that may threaten to derail your foreign expansion or growth plans. What sets SMG Consulting Services apart is that we employ locally based experts in each country, each of whom is fully equipped to guide you in avoiding corruption, dealing with bureaucratic issues, and providing litigation support in Latin American nations and Mexico.

We vet each of our consultants, verifying that everyone we work with has more than a decade of experience so that they can provide a solid and reliable strategy to navigate risk and handle unforeseen obstacles on the ground. Our international team is made up of former law enforcement and intelligence professionals, legal experts, fraud investigators and commercial advisers, all of whom are highly qualified and have resources and knowledge needed to provide you with proactive services to ensure that your investments are secure and to help maintain and grow your business from day one.


SMG Consulting Services – The Saint Michael Group
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