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Way Back USA Article

“Collecting debts is the same, in essence, in every part of the world…”


Money without Barriers

Talking about international collection is a very complex topic, because there is the natural and understandable fear that the export business people have when expanding their markets, credit policies and opportunities in distant lands. And to diminish the risks of the business, they often reduce their opportunities for growth as well.

Most export companies adopt policies of “pay now, get it later”, as well as letters of credit and other guarantees to diminish the risks. Few- and this is limited to the big companies and multinationals – have means to invest in international credit insurance and are knowledgeable in investment papers, for safeguard. In some other countries, the lack of political investments in tax reliefs, infrastructure and innovations is also a strong aggravating factor of retraction.

Those who have more incentives and a greater dose of boldness and entrepreneurial courage get out in front of the competition, leaving behind the fear that many times comes from the lack of knowledge. What do we have in our country today that can help us in dealing with our international partners in critical moments when it comes to a possible breach of contracts and non-payment? What are my options as an export company?

We know that there are some barriers to break that can cause the process to be even more expensive and riskier, whether legal, geographical, cultural, financial or political in every country. Many law firms render international services, but it is not enough to be bilingual and adopt common practices to contact the debtor. It is necessary to be knowledgeable in the best local practices to obtain the results desired, particularly when in contact with the people who we will deal with, who are more and more demanding and aware of their rights in every part of the world – the defaulting party.

So how to increase exports more safely?

Bearing this in mind, more than 3 decades ago was founded in Belgium the TCM Group, which is today a respected reference as one of the biggest conglomerates of Credit & Collection in the world, helping companies and exporters in 5 continents, to collect in loco in more than 150 countries, breaking the barriers to make sure money will have no borders. In East Coast of United States, TCM Group is represented by Way Back for more than 3 years, which receives demands to recovery credits from all over the world here in United States as well as sends demands from United States Clients, through TCM Group, to be collected in the country of origin of the debtor. Did you know that?

And the best, besides the utmost professionalism and quickness in the process, is that the client only pays our fees in case of success, that is, money in the client’s bank account, which is the basic premise  of commitment adopted by the Group throughout the world.

In other words, the methodology of collection adopted by the TCM Group means taking the risk together with the client, for we are certain of the win in the four corners of the world, and our transactions are insured by Allianz Seguros worldwide, which means even more safety and reassurance to our export clients.

If money has no borders, neither does Way Back USA – TCM Group.

To learn more, go to www.wayback-usa.com and www.tcmgroup.com

I´m Ludmylla Freire, International Business Manager – Wayback-Usa.International Debt Collection – lfreire@wayback-usa.com (786) 253-6297